Requisition No:822431

Agency: Department of Lottery


Pay Plan: Lottery Exempt Serv

Position Number:36000116

Salary: $36,125.08

Posting Closing Date: 07/15/2024

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*Open Competitive Opportunity*


If hired, as employee of the Florida Lottery, you will be provided the benefits listed below:

  • Approximately97.5%of the premium forhealth insurance
    • Individual (~$8/month) or Family (~$30/month)
  • 100%of the premium for individual or familydental insurance
  • 100%of the premium for basiclife insurance
  • Employer contributions to the Pension Plan or Investment Plan; contribution levels will vary based upon Pay Plans.


This is a professional position requiring the use of independent judgment, performing analytical, customer service, and accounting functions, interpreting, and maintaining a wide variety of complex accounting, prize validation and prize payment records. Under the general supervision of a supervisor, the incumbent assigned to this position is responsible for carrying out the duties described below for Claims Processing, in accordance with established policies and procedures.


  • Analyze, validate, and pay claims/tickets submitted to Lottery Headquarters utilizing a proprietary prize payment software system.
  • Review and process claims/tickets presented for payment ensuring compliance with established prize payment rules, policies, and procedures.
  • Review claim documentation for all required elements of eligibility and IRS tax reporting information ensuring the correct amount paid, withheld, remitted, and reported correctly.
  • Review and process any state owed debt claims that result from the validation process. These debts must be verified, withheld, and then forwarded to the appropriate agency in a timely fashion to ensure minimal disruption for winners.
  • Prepare any required reconciliations that are necessary to ensure that prize payment activities balance and are in compliance with established prize payment rules, policies and procedures.
  • Prepare and maintain prize payment claim files.
  • Answer phone calls from players utilizing customer service skills and provide a positive customer experience.
  • Assist as requested with any special promotion or game draws assigned.
  • Assist with Quarterly Audits of the Claims Processing Secured Cage.
  • Provide support to Internal and External customers.
  • Assist District staff in resolving issues arising during the payment process, which may include receiving copies of documentation, verifying amounts and/or printing checks.
  • Conduct all Lottery business in a professional manner with emphasis being placed on winner convenience and satisfaction.Performance of these tasks will require the incumbent to exercise analytical skills and professional judgment.
  • Initiate correspondence when necessary to communicate issues effectively with customers to attempt to provide a timely resolution of processing problems.
  • Assist with training of other team members within Claims Processing
  • Assist in drafting and implementing procedures for Claims Processing.
  • Cross-train with other teams within Claims Processing.
  • Analyze and resolve exception claims.
  • Review, analyze and follow-up on pending claims, initiating management and security review as deemed necessary.
  • Audit paid claims to ensure prizes were paid in compliance with the Lottery's rules, policies, and procedures.
  • Research and resolve checks returned as undeliverable by the postal service.
  • As directed, assist in scanning paid claim files and other documents, with the Lottery’s document management software.
  • Perform functions necessary to process scratch off and online winners.
  • Create, maintain, modify, and manage computer data files using a variety of software applications.
  • As directed, participate in unit sub-groups designed to improve processes, find efficiencies, and increase overall performance.
  • Each employee is expected to be knowledgeable of the Lottery’s Responsible Gaming program, including the No Underage Play and Play Within Your Means messaging, and will ensure retailers and players are aware of the program and provided information, as necessary.
  • Attendance is an essential function of this position.
    • Total hours in workweek: 40
    • This position requires the incumbent to report to work onsite. (i.e. NOT eligible for working remotely and/or teleworking).

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of customer service techniques
  • Knowledge of general accounting practices, bookkeeping practices, and basic business administration
  • Knowledge of office procedures and practices
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Ability to prepare and maintain a variety of accounting records.
  • Ability to plan, organize and coordinate work assignments.
  • Ability to analyze, research, report and interpret accounting data.
  • Ability to read and interpret procedures and technical manuals.
  • Ability to manage information of a confidential or proprietary nature.
  • Ability to provide effective written and verbal business communications.
  • Ability to effectively utilize internal integrated office equipment and automated systems.
  • Ability to work independently, and to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Knowledge of Prize Payment Rules, policies, and procedures.

Agency-wide requirements for employment:

High School Diploma or equivalent (GED) required.

Successful passing of acriminalbackground check(state, local, and national) is required.

Maintains strict confidentiality of information learned while working with the Florida Lottery, whether learned through assigned duties or through working with other units. The types of confidential information may include, but are not limited to, payroll information, budget matters, policy decisions, tax matters, employee disciplinary issues, and other personnel data.

The State of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer, and does not tolerate discrimination or violence in the workplace.

Candidates requiring a reasonable accommodation, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, must notify the agency hiring authority and/or People First Service Center (1-866-663-4735). Notification to the hiring authority must be made in advance to allow sufficient time to provide the accommodation.

The State of Florida supports a Drug-Free workplace. All employees are subject to reasonable suspicion drug testing in accordance with Section 112.0455, F.S., Drug-Free Workplace Act.

VETERANS’ PREFERENCE. Pursuant to Chapter 295, Florida Statutes,candidates eligible for Veterans’ Preference will receive preference in employment for Career Service vacancies and are encouraged to apply. Certain service members may be eligible to receive waivers for postsecondary educational requirements.Candidates claiming Veterans’ Preference must attach supporting documentation with each submission that includes character of service (for example, DD Form 214 Member Copy #4) along with any other documentation as required by Rule 55A-7, Florida Administrative Code. Veterans’ Preference documentation requirements are available by clicking here. All documentation is due by the close of the vacancy announcement.



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