Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 29, 1936, p. 2 (2024)

Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 29, 1936, p. 2 (3)

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v pw2 r i u the ceotgetpwn henu wednesday evening july 29th 1936 during and motorcycle races features at highland games georgetown thronged with people as pipe band pul on btyer and better day dance at ntgbt in annoies sacred band concert sunday climax to successful week end plans laid for next yeakvi even ocorgrtovn i- uie cmlre of ac tivity u ucuuvi ouuiw lal oalur uay vrtkra utr local llpe luutd iuuif orrd thrtr second aluiual unduaud caitvm like vmstltcr w- period lor such ah evml uan sky cwr lor use knul part and um- liill a few tiava prwkc bal lait lu lay uktf diot ou ue half talk uack- about utc ociocfc cruads of people siaitcd tu pour u from many piru ol the province ijl lsoudoli u alkd kocal poull- a a s uuffl ber from ui jjuited jjiakx and by x 1 lh grandstand aas packed lo rapacity trie lorucr itllvx joolush band and th ouolp audtjau inpo fcspsu paraded la toe park ulkd use btg day i w tuey ah supphed kuium at wlcnah during the alter- lajou never tux corgctowu lad day of uvid evakts utc oul of the sii frh fle allrrtmooil was bo abjdtd lull of intcrctalng raoc and contovli that it ax vsvffowok be lore lb prograw mm finally run ori itlghland dancing- dj 14 t h the uuctaj lb greater parti of uw allcrnoon from stage bulli directly in front of the grandstand it m specially erected aswidiulln uknubkr and results of she ornpgol ions erw bnmdaul to every cuttscr of the grounds ttar those vrho love tike skirl of the tfo tbey r tmlod lo iet dunoc tb eotlre uvfiuxyotjer oeorc oulhzi of tonala ma old oofeioo boy who ii hlwmvyx on hkkd to iv the httdm town k boost i- itl dumps of the tteld vu hhd hho donsled jit lor thcr bwikw tmo ahother ieiui of the hiteroooa the cycle kace which w lull of ihiilli knd nius that the gore- toa duhuc will tool locxt for wcmr- ufae to vaette od will mteiy kmu their irvtuni bext yeur the bicycw kacat were lut on by the indies kjicyde dub of the ilirry uoroe co turonlo wakrcu kyde club to- oiiux cjosdm oldest cycle clu wniy axzm cyckr club of toronto mad tfa local winced wheeien cycle club in u the itmi conpttuioa wms fcgen as mxxj promlnrrtt on uurio ridom look part the tootor- cycke kmck were apo by the ferilbh knrin club of toronto taa imm is duwdcril lht trck mdecs tme thcr crowd cmuae to hold their bruh ukd eoid chilu rmn up ahd tiovn their spinal as they swooped wound the hamknlle track ait hwmi lhati a knileajnlnule in the lucofwar the loroulo o- uce trmw had two strabjbt wins orer it wait a feala day for oeorcetowa and will to down in hiuory as the best field day evr held the lllch- land oawnttf which are to be an kk- bual affair and lor which plans are already laid for taxi year will be looked forward to by the local pun- ik i fcoterthing they can not arford to inkx on saturday trvenliuf a dance was held la the armories when a lair crowd da to tninic supplied by hulls orchestra a tnot delightful tine was had by all a fluinjc v to a uccesful week wad was the tacred band con- cert khrea by the toronto silver band lo the ocorseiown paifc cunday tircaln a very urse appreciauvw feathering joyed a de- dseuchtful ptocrataa aluch credit is due the oeorlowu ihpe baud for provkthik uu wa- tahwacctir which they did and abouid be xupported in future endeavorx as they are a- musical orcanhmtion of credit to the community thoie charts of events were ftreoideat k- u uaalouthlea secretary pipe usjor a btewart paeuniuee ted rr al fevancls d liowuan and otlktr wcwibers of the band the results of ue athletic events the tuftcjnc and pipuui co1h1s and the raced follow xxaaana jlwhland wing and undrr aud- 1 ry uope uartaret uorrison uelcci bail u and uodejueachb babxl morata allan and shirley smith 18 and under uae uaalui swulh hoeanor uurray apd fat uathfcw open ukw wright and john lowe i sword tlanc u and under each ttalrd norma allan uar- fearet rown 1- and under uatr aaonie ivii smith sso acathew openalioa wright john low- biah me ik and under otoaclkes jtalrd norm uoxtiaoa tforma al lan is and under pert smith jknu lbgaa itobby waltbo the judges of the dancing were annie hope and shlela uflfahmlni of toronto afarchea junior d a mnlayaon a uacjleiou jamos kugar afatior j ittut j ilauuluxt il uljuou i kobauvtscl j llsjtnilumi u mci 1u j llrd- linulki utul ilrrl u ktcxud j llmiluumi kauiicgof litaccfcvkkrt liod lu1 ituut uukri ouiuei umuu j lulicv krd raiirli oucipii wul lujui muflluk cuuiiteil iuiptt v io- umcti jt 1ulu 11 1uuui muuii m cuupcr lu ii- opimi -fc- lliown u orecu tv iui oiuult- ijclucfeu a jiatimiioaaiuj l iiuc tjmi to wcrj fcjd vlj c4 lunlu a uaui jitd wtt ud yjigj u uwuk srd uioiklj ivlitc iram- ijidi- u4 j j iujor the geo ouuuie pttxc iay i midline- ireul timber jrir caua 1olu vwull iuut cuupcr irtkc liloab k w cole and it it huu jt pour vaultitlg ai eilrt- oniiiijry t a it- loa inv high juihpuiu wsgg- urod jump jlierv il linnit acn- iii 1 aoplrpiump corgetuail itanuner lluow jx jolui cobb mtot put goble a stewart omtku itacku iucycle raoc girlv handicap abm llard nora 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trairie drought u will not be policy of whokale derucuon or lmilt to relieve the prune ulruoer afarkeinri king in dicated alter a lengtivy cabinet con- udcration of list problem cooperl ating willi uae provincial governments cotveerned it is likely the dominion kovcxiuncnl will suhl in transicrring larg uuiubcrs of cattle and other nvtsoock to marc favored ecuons of the west ayul in feuding feed and food- and water to other uocks in use dry areas the united states government it is understood is carrying wit a pol icy of jaughlerin about lfitiojobq cattle in the drought itricktn cum ttalai- the king govern ments policies have always been op- ptad to uch drauio intervenuoa touclung agricultural production and tvrjy erfoil will ba made to meet the prairie altuation to have cattle and other livratock on hand for avport to dm states wheu later uie adect of tike present ilaughtertag policy there irodloo a demand lor hv cattle llotu r a crerar mlnoi and reuources acting mlnuitr of iiuanoe and of u cahl net uibommiltee on wheat siauo uult ue bel avauable tiiwl giv en like government her for this years crop is between ii56uj0o and 20- ooojkko bushels compared with about 2ija000060 bushels lau year thj government expects prices will- bj good for tike new crop it is under- iloud tiwe murray wheat hoard has its carry over down to around 115 million buukels with prospects of eetting down to around m millions by aug 1 the fyrrta data of trw new crop yar both lremier king and ur crerar ridiculed a report that the govern ment and live two canadian railway i are jointly planning to open a great series of bakeries and grocery ahops in tangland to market cahadun wheat uvere it u true the king govwp- ment is anxious to follow a moany ales policy for fn whet to be turned into bread on the knglish- taons table but no such urauic nm to iay fantastic policy as the open ing of bakeries in kngund la being consideretu the national employment muiion lias announcod its intky during august of registering all the uneaiployed an relief for the purpose of getting much more detailed tnf formation than has been the oue la lite past the unemployed not relief will be registered later by lo cal advisory ounmlllee yet to named lion nonnan nocers laborl minister again emphasised the gov- emmeinss determined policy not lfc open this fall the relief camps for single unemployed the government has announced the hyeioctlon in gloucester n b occasioned by tike death of hon i venlot former poumaster general will be held on aug 34 the parlia- tnent buildings nag aas half mrd last week for lion robert nogers veteran winnipeg privy who did at ouelph premier king and loo vlnent klasicy cankulian tugh wwnmbloner afulon paid a vujt l t aausuy imx luug uiougi l muijlcr aisilsrr uunnuiig by jtoie of to 1 it h becoming a uxmsocolsou ha bit uilj buautg brlofe ulllou every time usry jap uu uw oummwl aiay br uy aiv u better leani or pcilistp usinr ss suaketiulkg uj uliv ou jorcomai 1 le lvklainly have hie lltduui aigii oil cxocgrluwii trnmii o mu tuwl lujrmtr cmi- toiuwi klkuwrd uule hilling slmigul ugaltisl use pilcltiilg ol lmi don wluie kultuu huisclled ukeu- itusru w uur till to kuoie kune iuua j lit uk krooikd kitagkj ul live louru ulkd mxui ud i hi use kjrui xrgeto4i jworrxi uscir luw ally ki uu- tuui to prevent the kannmlnr aclvtatus pitcjwd cli lur george- toaii cjurepl jut the vecoud iniiukg- wlktii ahiiou buncled lour hll along ruh iworreslo tcotw s runst ttittfj thy j llrusli nayior fmdoti and clemrnla aitd a hit batter lcrorunj aooou fur uvehauiea- they broke out again lu use ui wlkeu croniu led oil with a single and scored uu jokccclvn hrlj by cletnrnu and jfc briisii their aevetuil tally came tu ukixth udbert himsw u left tteld lurmke uanst uole keoolkd aud coted on outs tu rvjsticrnott and lottuun afii- ua acorvd ucir ust two ruin inpuki witui wdter twu were out- j brush dratf a walk naylor anders oilbert iisgled for the last two runs georgetown opened the oral innlrup with j walk to ititchie but he left stralkded on uxlrd wlkeu woudx ward lind bemumont tailed tu bring hiniu tou hit to leli for baser alter one was out hut died vttece ul the second bitclile fct in uke third woods followed with single and lutchle was caught out al tkome wald walked but beaumont and biddau went out in the uh ltryueu siuglod witil two out but lttuluun struck out- uilton ti ikard time keeping bitchie off the patlts when ike walked as a hrglnnlac lor the tilth and corod on wood sacrinoe and wards singke to left brydeii walked with two down in uh alkd went out stealing georgw- lown went out in order in the law innings tike playotls are lest approaching georgetown ere in but uiy will need much improvement lo advance beyotkd uke first step- iractk both in uke iwd and at bat would help a great deal georgetown u a baseball town and lite fans will repond to a hustling ball dub our thoughts are earned back to uke epic struggles of years between georgetown od ton when tike fans turned out in drove to be assured of thruing games between thfcr- aikclmt rivals tu ukose days georgetown fought for ukeir games such players as cole norton cave bltckwur afcalenemy arnold woods ucglu uccartney and hunter placed beati up ball and few fans will forget uke hairrahing tinlsl of that playotf againt aftil- toti wlkcn pete lluuter caught one ol bunny kenneys slwoota fut a double over uurd lo ttilve lu the ehampkm- sliip run tk you wiwngabhww ajlso wika lteurgctoau weie uuuod out ui bronte when hunehouse had a ral good csl uu perfect in usrta the support that will encourage thm lo mart earuer next year georgetown ans were treated to an afternoon of rare snort when the iilsluand ana look place here sal- uroaj jtloaw of onlartaa nneat ath- wira- lok partut the neid and track rnis i hie circle vaca georgetown rifl- l slaowed up toronto i champion racxra as mill of use raora ikere uke ovtlarmu wbeeiboenit axuurialaon are looking for h rvtsrrarnlaue i litis uaxtrkrt xmj want to get ln i he know id lit your uuw oily orkrrtuxtigrtown rrtlry look lwlt in tlte rtrl i biryrle llaarl fimlut mhi made a good slsoaing nnd wiut ute practice and traltving ij t iwr rcstttihtitor wisald lu j on teny track tutiosrru matu ilaats wakin when doc uruclsc- when dutch ltccjrtftey1c peg cut oil iaiilons ueurtakiiig ualy at luune wilh a tnrow iioui u4 ceulre wlien uike- ucgill wujj thai heavy ouuioer for umhoue when ulscky used lo be one of ihi league tttu third thsseiucu and iituyed uljjrly ev ery position when bob uruyiiftriy inaue the hard oiut look so cay un first wlten noble and dr best knocked eacu ouver out going aller a pop tly uoati uie uurd base liue when georgetown and the glen were great rivals the gauiee being putrid on uke old tacrovse lleld pvt uke ulen boy luacticed every sun day when acton ln their infancy used to import about half a team lor any enhilkhkon game in oeorgetoan when pal wallers and barry woods first brok into atjn and uere stars when ed wheeler was the fastaa runner lapu had on uke paths wlien jack arnold cavorted around second and used a big painted bat wlten bob itcglbbon played centre field using a glove wiui the paim cut out- wlken ilarry llynds playd ln cen tre field when jack ucoibhon used to come uirougb wiui liis pinch hits wlten cray kenoody played field and looked o natty in his 1 ball uniform vmay mctnociml unweuvd by ktrra eriward viu all lof ie rauicxs ttlnki in on ihrksms 4ajtajonk irkdriit tiad twlr tadkk luistxi in on undsvy lst ut utr tmisttbuve ntemorlal service it vua itkoic- plaim- wltf-vr- caituila wjit nmmorval lu lur falleti h n u ullvcthrd lltf aimmii jhtfln of tugh umioilartri trnni cattsmla uitd urlhrd b hl uui- i king kuard viii a- lir umrili um k matjutl nr in b i i ur timr ttlul ttifv ivirdt mi wu iltrond l b ttuiuv a board lafmd tn ulltng uu alio ahtui ir- tutu tk iiwxf kind utrir utllewmtil uiul tlwk- it utttr nsniladrr uit tlsf jt um i hitlrk fo4t4lt hatuwwld llmlaxr otuko kllli wli tin- iui fall of lilili au iltlkrntl 111 pitnrii t -j- folloy- ttin vr gtdttjiu to you ur frrwldttt for hartrtg hiurl itv louf to vtttiy with il s lluj ikxa prof squtvreu of o jvc killed in auto crash tu kmitin rt till rtklf rtort- ontaicio wlirn i sr i r which 1- jiuint a n no a utiii tin- mil t of mnitiailia mi tfu i nt t tu tu ixmiihi ir ijtkd in iw u lo have uii tlrivii by sii i iii nil s iuui itlsrlu hlrol im llnl m lit til jlllll mllltrru ua t i i iliut ul 1vul ililiiuiiarv ul lu hilalui akitruluull jll- tn ilk- llili a iuijii special prices lor the week end r kings r ia1 sal vwutaclei ftrawd creamery bolter 2lbs53 in rji a ail m i v lu iii juo lih iknll 11 lltul ukkrt aad rtata boiling beef 9c- ii ul ii fiilki ik m jvn ul ll in vtwlv of ls t crrrrouiiy tlmr kktreiu ur brpubllt a night luksvbau- will be the orue cept fur baiuriiayj and hohdays uvr toronth alaphr jlewu bauie their aav out uf ue eond division and in to uv inlrrrsatkmtal lrsgue plmyofts atfp a cnm uf uijuikb uat au but crilhled um team dilrtwg utrir trcuud iwuui around uke ctrcu uke boyi under laac uorgau oone itave rl ited alkd lighl now are playing cikalw pkuuidp ball lreidett ctutord oakley antt gen eral kfahager arthur ilecaarr have ar ranged the louowtng program of ga during the avkth ol august alkd u cloning oxx wek bs sxep- tetnnar ofvhst of intern- linos 1 gattveg be vayed ul the fctaple lrmi uaruiim follows monday auguo 3rd civic bouday two atleruoon games s and 4 ism- yracue vi- toronto v n wedneuho august uh two sracuse vi- toronlo twilight at 6j pjn- alkd night gam at pjn- thursday august th night game al to pm newark wr toronto priday auguu uh night jawe at b dn- newark v tor ualurday augxt tth two afternoon games 3 and pxn newark ws to- rono luonday august 16th might g at b pm bahisaore vi toronto tuesday august 11th nighl ga at b pttt baltuwore vs tdtonlo wlneiday august istfa lnght tame at 9 p-w- baltimore vs toronto thursday august 15th night at b pm baltimore v priday august lth might b pm albany vs toronto- saturday augwst uth ti boon gamert 2 va and 4 tsww albany vs toronto thursday august itlh night game at 9 pjm iviuxilreej vs toronto priday august sath- might game at tt pjtt istontreal vs 1 tucaday sent 1st ajo pjn tto- chetcr vs toronto night game wediwulay sept snd u2o pjn nochester v toroulo night game thursday sept srd jm pja jo- dkelrr vs toronto ntgne priday sept th k- pm fto- chesler vs toronto night saturday sept sth two after noon gamert 3 and 4 pt buftaio vs toronlo aaonday sept tin labor day liou day two aftexnoon gamea 3 and pjrj btittmlo vs teronlo and then the puyotf games ontarao baseball fans will be keen ly mlbrested in the two remaining big holiday dates which the leafc liake at uke alaple leaf stpduua cm uooday august aid two afxernoon game will be played with the iwei- pd sjtacue ctuefs under the nery leadership of mike kelly for many esons a favorite in tins leader of uke jersey city club babe dalgltren star first tirran lor the staxs conttnum lo be one of the best uke del ot valor done on those tea hitters in the wwgue joiinny lo survive uu quarrel of the wvajdeit um oattailbtib n tln pur tni i tart j collar ullllau- vnj jrii ttutlvou iks- glkcn mn ul v- i uortuiitti tursiuen rpm uivtkottuiii of m ikwi1 to ur pirnch luuui my thaikkx alkd 4ll grutitudri of the po iavr of cvltada w ulr iktmkot ou hsv jlotkc u umkarve s riilff ei in cimi tin tjilv rnoikumnl uitd lur ibr artvitmc- iol luii uraujiil hi ihth srtit aiul iririul lto lut crurrl uw ocvn to bc mij ut uu umucurullotl us kluc4i then miiiciuxl n iaiu i ibh i in ihr capital city of canada nl the heart of ue dominion uicte if u tawtnorta cltamber set kpalt ai tl per prtual remhkder of- uke rtvuc and tosw or crukdalp the gnlwar nuke jrmti ago 1 itad tlwi prlvlltr of irdicathig an altar iuiin it aitrrw wtu lie forever a book of lometil braikce wording uke luuntv of toore tltail eodoo canadians alto gave uwlr kir fur uke caue which cajukda made iter oan above ute door b x raven alls well for over there among hl purs a happy wrrior jeeps llkrae words reveal ute in iker meanhig of wlutt ae do toda tuy uu us utat bcauuful and 1m utive as l uie ottaau memorial like cakumdian people would not iai it was complete ft a as or ukere utat caiuulian armie fought ana dtrxi u is over uiere uut uveirl thial moikument must stand today 3 060 milos from uie slioris of calkada we ere assembko around umt monument iet not on alien sou orte of our tuigluli poets itu- prrt brooke wliose asikec lie in an ionian island wrote uiat wltcre he hii would be forever ruiglalkd iiat tngiand for winch lie died he spoke a parable but here today uial parable b living truui the realiza tion of it will 1 know bring com fort to many tlkousands of canadian men and women- par this gloriou mominnent crowning she bill of vtmy is isow and for all time part of osuiada ttkough the mortal remaiiu of canada sons ik far from itome yet here wlkcrv we now taiul in an cient artois uielr immortal memory l ikallowtd upon soli uust u a -ure- ly csuiada il- any acre wulun iter nine lro ukous by e geature ahich all can under stand but soldiers especially the lews of prance liave decreed that ikere canada jtiall stand forever we raie uns tocmorial to cana dian wurriors it l all lu4plrd ex presjon in stone dilelled by a skil jul canadian liand of canadas salute to her fallen joul it marks ute scene of foals of arms wludi his tory will long remember and ca can never forget- and the ground it covers is uke gift of prance to can ada all the world over uiere are ballle- neld uke nanies of widen are writ ten indelibly on uke pages of our troubled human story it l one of ute conolstkons which lime brings when pepper- sandy norton was alartln on ute bases at london have been named by xing tcdward on a special domtrllfwii com- uilsion touddng lib coronation next uay willie empresilng ute ivope king hdward wlu visit canada art- hi i cororuitkui ur king stated uuitej definitely that the government here nas heard iothlng of any audi sug gestion poliodng the exampl- of uke british court uie cenartton gov ernment concluded last week the lieriod oc full morning for uie late king cteorge v a furukcr period of luuf moumlng will be obterirnd the king luu nauved a p lasceuee c uo foruver private secretary to the karl of uesbarough as governorgaii era iter as one of his assistant pri vale secretarie ii jell the duke of york lielr trrauiiipuve lias named as ids private secretary sir tcrle ule- vllle private secretary to lord wu uiutevon as governorgeneral in can ada and later vkeroy of india ar- raiigcnwnts may he made for an km- plre train sliowlng uke ikfwnary and manufactured product oftlte differ- enl dominions to make a six mon- flis tour of the united kingdom duir- ing coroiuatlon year ttve gonrvunriit lias extended for one yar from bept w hext lh canadian t ne zealaivd trade trea ty last year new zealand aold canada hsooood of goods wlule canada axportea tloodjboo of tvood to new zealand wldu there has btan talk of the prace itlver dutrtct seeking rrotrt alberta h u tiouhtwj ludi a drastic step is actually takevt jtt would keuulre an act of iwrtlamanl and apfuroval by the alberta legtsla- lure wlten herb scott uwd to lead his liuelkouse diargwi including players as uiluere dobble ucgllt wlieeler ivuklnglkorne and others do jou iika utese tmub of former dasr if you liave any out- sta reioembraikces we would be glad to iiriht ukem tlte local ball club are playing in acton tonight anouier fall out of uve tanners uoukl give uie fans sotneuiing to talk about lor weeks i but were not making any predictions i to b left holding ute bag brampton will play tier on satur day afternoon in uie park al 3 oclock thu promise to be a tfood fame as it will wind up uke regular baseball heing wlto caught for uke lt in i33 and 1m is now with the ajra- cue club and doing right well by lumself ttte civic lloliday games aill be plaved in uve afurnoon the first affair starting at 3 tun and the econd at 4 pjn cki uve labor day holiday uonday scpl tul buffalo and toronto clove uur regular sdkcdule with two after noon games at 3 and 4 ism as both buffalo and toronto have staged a series of dog fights in their games so far this riri this final holiday eries should about top everything fur baseball fireworks a tike uanle leafs can make lbb playoffs if all ontario gets behind them and cheer the boys on to vic tory georgetown juvenile baseball team wind up uvelr sctvedulr here on fliurs day evening july soui wtui oakvtlle as uielr guuls tlte local lads liave not been ui uke winning side of the score slveet uus year but are in thelr plugilng away and have got utat never say die splrtr which will be a boon tu ukem in future years when tltey reach uie hiurmedtate ranlli tills tram was formed for tike pur- pne of making and giving would be ball lklayers a cliance to jjiow their ability and bring- about ball puyrs tv future yrwr wlirn some of our older hoys will be on the sjde tinea offering advice op kow they uul to do it the boys liave been under lha managership of orb i lvtirsgtort who as tnovt peotkle know was one of oeorretownt forensost ball player in the days of yesteryear and b ahowing much petlonce in hit endeavor to coach thrae buy and school thesi hi i the art ot baaehall lrta get beldikd the buy- to- baixiwafad j lurv yt f w foreman and family are spending their holidays in wiwajoa uiiigoka ur peter cole had the misfortune j to break a small bone in bis wrist lat week we are pleased to report ulss qccje cole u able to be up and around wj ur itobl warrse and famuy are recovering from ah attack of meaww i tkaving taken thews turn about for the past few weeks- tlte c h plcnic of mialon circle and band aas held tuosday afternoon at the borne of ur ala mckay there was a good atten dance and everyone enioyed the pro gram of snorts and the picnic lunch served under ute pfnee congratulations to ur and airs herb allan on the birth of a son born saturday july lllh ur and urs fed peters of new toronto and ur and urs ployd rvlker and family of ustowel visil- td sunday wiui ur and ur george mcucneut ur and urs j hunkett of wood- bridge visited uu week at thw boawt of ur c udknery ths july meetuxg of the w u a was iteld at uke home of ur hich- ard slkortid on ute shul the mt lug was well altrtuied deplte ute busy time scrtiklure passages on tithing were read iponslvely and the roll call aus ansaered wiui dnicruilag one of jesus miracles- plans w ins tie ut 1 an til a h later on like pall tlte scripture study was taken by urv p w slkorttu and uke topic on africa by urs w mc- knery tlte meeting closed with aiming and- prayer tlte august meeting will be held at the liome of urs alvln starrtl i tin service sunday aborning was in cluug of tlte young peoplea so- rlrty tike totktc from bruce barton bwok nrtve uaii nobody kiox was uhen by jvuie uckay in her usual capalue tuatniker pred shortlu con tributed a sole tmtuled lie knows j uie way tlkey also tuvd charge ot the service at lvtvivtlle in the alu-r- ikotii ttke service next sunday wdl be hi charge of the ctsotr wludi drov tike oppalnjf lukx coiulict vuny will be orte such uame airvady ute scars of aar have wu nigh vanished from uie fair land xape beneath ut- around us hen today utcre is peace and rebuild ing of ivope and so alo in dedicat ing uus memorial to our fallen com radct our uvouguu turn rauter lo uie splendor of uieir sacrifice and to uve coiisecralion of our love for lhcrp uuui to uke cahlvoruule whicu beat upon thl ridge a care of years ago in utat spirit ln a spirit of thank fulness for ukeir example of reter- ence for ukeir devotion and of pride in ukeir comradeship i unveil lhls nvernorial to canadas dead glen williams ur joseph beaumont returned home from winnipeg- on priday ur and ux itobert blakcly ur ami uis ace bennett and daughter uus uargaret ivut jack will and gerald tom and donald perkins all of toronto wire visitors wiui ur and urs wai bennett on sunday ur and urs roui and vernon of lotonlo pent ute week ien4 wiui ui and ixi- davui barclay ur and urs gordon spence left on tuoxlay for uracebriuge where uvey will peod a weeks holiday ux and urs ciaytoti allan and ur and urs robert biyut visited niagara palls on sunday making ute mp via toronto and qoeeiioon the s s cayuga ur allan law l houdayhig weuand urs waa sloan returned home af ter spending uo aeeks wiui frieruia in caledan uilaa irene bennett una hill bcruia sdienk ulidred norton oea le crosa and uarlon obtrander left on saturday for linger longer cottage wasaga beadt where they will spend a aeeks vacation ulss bertlia aluu aivd uuajlilda lorrimaii are spending a ikolluay curoiito a miscellaneous slkosver vs tendejr- td tu our young bride urs uourgo taylor at uteir ivome on ute sin liue on thursday mrv taylor re- rvhed many ikretty and useful nuts vure wltav why un rarth did you eveeurage your wife to tiuit klaymg like piano alkd shut playwlg the clmrinett dw- maivded ow ivriahhor of aiaother wlkereuiihh the other exitlalnrd becwuse dve cant dog while sbev iklavhkg ute clarirwt i lwske my vbits are not dhagrvw- no said jthe invalid lloavrtr gloomy i am when you mar twi highlat the lkark at t laijk and gfvw l when you go- acton dr and itru a b lyon of ul ler ivnu vl4ted on uiclr huiukuuion trlji uus aeek at uve houu uf iter ilur ura q a dllt- ur and urs j b clialnuus at- teikded ute re union at ljand lakg uirlt of uve r of uu- span- lji anvrricau wir ahere mr chal- mers uwt uvany of hh fornker com- radc- alto itad seen service in thai war ur and urs steplten sooll of tulsonburg ontario vlji lo announce ute engagement of uiclr laughtev lillian uary to ur iluitvld a kaackluuocr on uf ur and mrs arthur saackluimer of artmi gn- laria tilt matiuuf to lake itlace in august on prldsy evhtlng uu- kxecuuw oommltux and members of the poal club of arum pall pair were hiut- ikdnskl at uke farm home afalriud urs j k ivnareii the iwys were under ute supervision of mr j k whlulock of uuton jrlwricultural llefktisei lathe of llalton county a very bilrtliuf and practioal dertuin drat ion wai given by ur u w tapi ilila u1k of uke d-pirt- ment of animal llubnjry oji lueliklt ui iodvlug draft tutrsnt pre tkj 11uv jl ut lgf tsttluiiki kmia with j irurtmd toj ii ulul ulll1 ilj fiuui uir r i 11 n lo in itm r aiul lur li linut xlwrd niwi u ei- nljbl vrt u jlul wl 7 i u vijmui jywuk oltir willum w wh1 if vhuuivill wh tutfv lujt uiu uift rtncj b uu r attl u lh i r- i uu tlkr kmiixij jr uk tiywllau 1 1 lu l iut tunxxl im nit t ivi d lwi ir c uu nr u jliu- ulrvriwlti im uu il lirnxl ui i iwtli ti t ivih aiuusu uf tljrvwui i ftoui uir- hihuj lb ntoiuiiwv lphl mi ui jk m ul nl li nt nf on ditrlwd liu link iidi jit 4iilrn 11 aa tiktati nmluul the dikiiiunuii a u ljiif muni iili- of m u nuttc utru in uus a pronluvrit c realist tie au tor timtiv jur ci ur of liu uiilurl -aliuu1uuui- and ipt uswutal uu- ion iuk of uu okir i orluiuttioik 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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 29, 1936, p. 2 (2024)


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